“You’re a COVIDiot!”: Ted Cruz and Chris Cuomo Brawl on Social Media

Not for the first time, Sen. Ted Cruz and CNN anchor Chris “Don’t Call Me Fredo” Cuomo got locked into a heated social media brawl this week after Cruz lectured Democrats about the need to wait until the votes have been counted to declare a winner in the presidential election.

“Here’s a radical proposition — elections are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over. That didn’t use to be a controversial proposition,” Cruz tweeted.

This drew a swift reaction from Cuomo, who wrote: “Wrong. You have been empowering the notion that there are problems with the count that justify delaying transition in the middle of figuring out how to distribute a vaccine in a pandemic. Own it…because the position owns you and will be remembered.”

Cruz attempted to swat Cuomo off like an annoying fly, writing, “Hush child” in his next response.

But Cuomo would not be dissuaded, replying, “Senator, you have people on lines for food in your state. Focus on them…on those children. Every day you delay relief the line grows.”

This attack didn’t sit well with Cruz, who helpfully reminded Cuomo that Democrats are responsible for holding up COVID relief.

“In the past 2 months, we’ve voted TWICE on $500 billion in COVID relief. Both times, Senate Dems filibustered the bill. You should call on your own party to stop blocking relief. EVERY SINGLE Dem voted to filibuster. I suspect you never reported on that fact to your viewers,” Cruz said.

Instead of keeping the feud confined to Twitter, Cuomo decided to bring it up on the air on Tuesday night, blasting Cruz for his “unique brand of jackassery.”

“You are a Covidiot, Senator Cruz,” Cuomo said. “I know you went to Harvard, I know you’re really smart. You just try really hard not to act that way too often, especially when Trump is involved. You would think Cruz would have a lot more sense about how bad this virus is. You see what is happening in his state of Texas? Just became the first to surpass a million cases. He doesn’t say that often. Not to mention the hunger pandemic that is there- thousands waiting in food lines in north Texas this weekend, cars as far as you can see filled with Americans in need when they shouldn’t be.”

Cruz, however, had the last word.

“I get that your show wants to attack Texas, and Florida, and Georgia because they have Republican governors. We’ve also had much, much lower death rates than many other parts of the country,” Cruz said. “And it’s political, the attacks you’re making.

“There is something disgusting that Democrats are doing, that Joe Biden does, and that you do, which is you try to blame the people who’ve lost their lives on your political enemies,” Cruz continued. “And that’s just not right. It’s not right at all and it’s particularly not right, Chris, when your brother has presided over the state with the highest death rate in the country.”

We’d say that’s a pretty fine “mic drop” moment, and we can’t add anything to improve it. Cruz, as usual, has won this round.

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